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Saving and Spending Tips that'll guarantee you an Amazing Festive Summer Season

Please raise your hand if you'd like to live large on a small budget?

You want to pamper yourself, shop till you drop, buy your friends awesome gifts, provide life changing opportunities for your children and simply enjoy the luxurious life – after all you want to be a great friend, spouse, parent and of course you want to look after your hardworking self…but it's just too darn expensive right?

Well, there's extremely valuable news for you: you don't have to kill your wallet to live a luxurious life. You don't have to break the bank to be the best friend, spouse or parent you really want to be. With an Amazing Vouchers (AV) membership, you could easily receive value and save money on a daily basis. The AV memberships provide you with unlimited access to a website of exciting offers which include: free offers, discount deals, 2 for the price of 1 offers and even Legal Assistance for those unforeseen situations. Amazing savings and benefits galore!

In this blog post we'll walk you through how to use a R99 membership and turn it into a 24/7 Shopping Savings Account. When we're done you'll know exactly how to treat yourself and others – all without a large budget – never mind the perfect timing…Festive Season and summer is just around the corner you know. Ready to save? Let's get started.

1. Save on Health and Beauty

Okay let's get real, taking care of your health has to be important to you, and we agree that saving money has to be important to you too - however you can't avoid your health can you? – It might just cost you more money in the long run, if you get what we mean. There is no way you're going to be the best version of you if you not looking after yourself. A variety of health and beauty offers await you and your loved ones, so start by logging onto the website www.amazingvouchers.com – then type your address into the search bar – select the beauty category and start browsing. We guarantee you'll find something you need to do for you or…you might just find the perfect gift for a loved one. The cool thing is that the offer could be a free offer (which requires you to spend zero Rands) or it could be a discount or 2-for-1 offer – either way you save more than the consumer who doesn't have an AV membership. These health and beauty offers are going to come in super handy when you preparing for all your fun Summer events - plus you're going to be giving away the best year- end and Christmas gifts. So let's say you're the type of guy who regularly cuts his hair and gets his car washed or perhaps the busy mom who just needs to dash in and out once a month to get your hair and nails done then you're going to be using these vouchers monthly and perhaps even daily – either way they'll be available to you on a monthly basis and every time you use them you will be saving. Tip: The beauty category offers a variety of different offers from thousands of reputable partners. Find beauty offers now

2. Entertain yourself for less

What do you enjoy doing for fun? Is it spending time with friends and family at a restaurant, theme park, wine lands, or taking your kids to the zoo. It could be taking a dance class or just trying something new? It doesn't really matter what your form of play is – Amazing Vouchers allows you to ‘play for less.' Now let's consider this specific time of the year. Businesses will close and you'll be on vacation, the schools will close for the summer holidays and there are tons of recreational activities that will take place – never mind the fact that all of it costs moola. Now we don't know about you but we certainly wouldn't mind the fun minus the costs. Active AV members say that they are able to experience new recreation just about every weekend using their freebies, discounts and 2-for-1 offers – plus they don't have to dig that deep into their wallet. They just simply login to their accounts on a Thursday afternoon – select the fun/nightlife/dining categories and browse for exciting offers. A lot of them also say they use the offers to plan their weekends because they don't always know what they want to do. So instead of browsing the internet for things to do in your area – you'll browse www.amazingvouchers.com and find exciting offers and activities that cost you practically nothing. Now that's value for your money. Not sure how to entertain yourself or your people this weekend/holidays? Well you know what to do – login to www.amazingvouchers.com – check out the fun/dining/nightlife/kids categories which you can also search by voucher type i.e. freebies; Discounts, 2-for-1. The site is designed to cater to your needs, go ahead see for yourself.

3. How to travel when you have no money

Whoever said that you need to be rich to travel clearly did not know about AV. Firstly we have to kick off by saying that AV's vouchers are national which means that you could be from Cape Town enjoying a vacation in Johannesburg – and be able to utilise the exciting AV offers in while you there. Now let's get back to the actual travel element. We pretty sure you would love to travel and visit a different area but you don't do it because it is just too expensive. Well we've got great news for you – AV offers a variety of travel deals that make it possible to pay discounted prices for accommodation – and we're talking about hotel accommodation here, plus you get discount offers on transportation. So if you're thinking of taking your spouse or family somewhere for the summer holidays check out the travel category on AV's website – remember you could even search by your desired location.

4. Good food for less

Good food, good company, good vibes – just about everybody loves that. Many people choose to eat at the same restaurants because they just don't want to take the risk of trying something new at their own costs. Well – they might just be missing out on some really good food and vibes oh and let's not forget savings. AV makes wining and dining super easy for all its active members, it's a no-brainer because every human being enjoys eating good food. Like everything else it also costs money, but you could enjoy much more dining if you actually paid half or none of the costs – AV makes this all possible. A variety of dining offers allow members to save on fast foods, dinners and even just the whole dining experience. With AV customers are able to treat themselves and their loved ones with fabulous freebies, 2-for-1 deals and so much more. So while you're out and about doing your shopping you're able to login to your account, insert your currently location, select dining and grab a dining offer that best suits your taste, location and pocket. You will be able to try new foods, new restaurants, treat friends and family without hurting your wallet. We all have to eat - but why not EAT and SAVE.

5. Accessibility and Convenience

The cool thing about AV is that you're able to access your vouchers at any time and place. All you need to do is 1) Ensure you have access to the internet; 2) Logon to the website www.amazingvouchers.com/login; 3) Search your vouchers by location/voucher category i.e. Beauty/Dining/Travel etc. 4) Once you have found a hot offer that is perfect for you, you simply need to GRAB IT – once you have grabbed the voucher you will receive an SMS & Email which obtains the unique voucher ID. Simply present the voucher ID and 5) Enjoy! It really is a convenient one stop shop for day to day savings and there is no doubt that it'll come in extra handy during the festive, summer season. Have a look at the AV step by step info graphic which shows you ‘How AV Works'.

And there you have it, the ability to really live, work, play – for less. For only R99 per month you get to shop till you drop, gift your friends and family exciting offers that could really make them feel valued – and most importantly you are able to look after yourself without stressing about whether you have the budget or not. You just need to make sure you pay your R99 membership fee and you'll be able to save a great amount of money while you grabbing offers that you've always wanted.

So go ahead grab a massage voucher to the value of R100 – grab a dining voucher to the value of R60 – grab a discounted accommodation voucher to the value of R400 and you've just saved R461. So now you now you can really live large with a limited budget.

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