How to Login

  • Log in to the website or mobile app with your membership number, mobile number or email address, and password.
  • This would have been sent via SMS when you joined. Click here to login

How to update your details

  • Log in to the website
  • Click on 'Hamburger Icon'
  • Select 'Profile' - this will allow you to update your personal information (name, mobile number, email address and physical address).
  • You are also able to change your password to something that is easier for you to remember
  • Hint; Providing a valid email address allows us to communicate our hottest voucher deals, exciting news and competition information with you, so if you don't have an email address we recommend you do so soon.

How to Find the Vouchers you want

  • Ensure that you are logged into your account
  • Search vouchers by Address - by typing in the address bar
  • Search vouchers by Voucher Category by scrolling to the right. You should see; All, Beauty Sport etc. so scroll until you have found a category that appeals to you then select it
  • Search vouchers by Voucher Type - below the address bar you will see voucher type; A-Z, FREE; % (Discounts), + (Added Value) and 2 (2-for-1) - select a voucher type that appeals to you by tapping on the icon

How to Find Vouchers near you

  • Ensure that you are logged in
  • Share your location
  • You will automatically be presented with vouchers that are near you, if not simply type your address in the Address search bar

How to Select and Receive Voucher Details

  • To select a voucher simply click on 'Grab It'
  • You will receive all voucher details via SMS and Email
  • Downloaded Vouchers can be found by clicking on downloaded, you are also able to resend the voucher to yourself
  • Hint: Supply your email address and get full voucher information as well as latest news, exciting hot deals and competition information

How to Contact Us

  • Call our Customer Service Department on 021 525 5300 and our friendly Customer Service consultants will gladly assist you with any queries.
  • You can also email us at

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