About Us


At Amazing Vouchers (AV), we're excited by our ability to add value and fun to your everyday life.


Wherever you live, work or play, you get a suite of products, experiences and peace-of-mind benefits that include special offers, freebies, cash value vouchers, discounts, and 2-for-1 deals, all for a small monthly membership fee.

Our dynamic products and services come from over 7 000 reputable partners. 

There's a choice of 4 subscriptions (and all include our Free AV Legal Assist service which offers a 24-hour legal advice line, help with legal documents including letters of demand, and lawyers who can refer specialists for serious cases).


How does it all work?

Geo-location enables AV to offer club members digital vouchers on a location-based level, so you get personalised, relevant offers from retailers located near to your home or workplace. It works across web and mobile platforms. (Here's an infographic guide.)

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At the very beginning

In 2004, when the idea for Amazing Vouchers (Pty) Ltd was born, we were POYNT: distributors of paper-based vouchers. But we soon became SA's first membership programme to offer freebies and discounts from regional and national partners.

We believe that, because you only live once, you should live, work and play for less. This is why we work tirelessly to find AV partners who can offer you real, measurable value, and members who are keen to embrace our partners' brands and offers.

Wishes for AV members

1. May your life – at home, at work or at play – be better, easier, and more fun.

2. May we continue to help you in ways that are accessible, affordable, and sustainable.

3. May you come to know us, AV, as dynamic, big-hearted and trustworthy.


Hey, wannabe partner!

If you're a retailer or service provider wanting to expand your reach, visit our Partner Zone. AV partners get access to our database; business intelligence tools and insights; self-service campaigns; unrivalled marketing and exposure, and more. Join us today!


Amazing Vouchers is proudly owned by the Tritech Media Company.