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Mandela Day

"A Good Head and a Good Heart are Always a Formidable Combination" Nelson Mandela

It only takes one idea and some amazing hearts to turn that idea into reality. One of our staff members suggested we do a collection of some grocery items for Mandela Day and donate it to a local charity. The staff got together with great excitement! They created some posters for our office to let all colleagues know and on 18 July 2019, Amazing Vouchers and staff bought a ton of groceries. Everyone was hyped up and eagerly donated grocery items they brought from home and even went out and bought some additional items as well. All donations went to a local home called Eric Miles Cheshire Home in Milnerton, where we were greeted by a group of truly amazing people who warmed our hearts.

Who Do the Donations Go To?

Alet Bosman is the manager of Eric Miles Cheshire Homes, a non-profit organization taking care of profoundly physically disabled adults. They currently have 45 residents, an absolutely wonderful staff who welcomes you with a friendly smile. They also assist/support a day-care centre for disabled children and the aged in Dunoon and Joe Slovo settlements and various other outreach groups.

The Home is partially subsidized by the Government but rely heavily on fundraising. The residents who are financially restrained and only receive a disability grant. They also have to contribute a portion of their grant to the Home.
Some of the residents and volunteers help with fundraisers in the form of raffles, birthday cards, Xmas card etc, which are made by some of the volunteers, throughout the year.
Eric Miles Cheshire Home have 3 charity shops and for this reason they are in great need of donations of clothing, bedding, bric-a-brac and books. All proceeds of the sales go to the home including all cash donations that help fund the day to day running of the Home.

On arrival one of the residents rolled up to us in his wheelchair and asked if we wanted to see a magic trick. We agreed and waited as he slowly unpacked a deck of bicycle playing cards and proceeded to show off his magic trick. The nurse in charge patiently waited until we were done and then welcomed us to take a photo.

Eric Miles Cheshire Homes

For more information, you can check out our Facebook page and Eric Miles Cheshire Homes Facebook page.

They are situated at 18 Corsair Rd, Tijgerhof, Cape Town and can be contact on 021 552 2120