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Happy Father's Day

Being a Dad

After a long day of work, my son greets me with such enthusiasm and love. I am celebrated and his love for me is truly unconditional. My sons' eyes glisten with excitement and awe when I read his favourite bedtime story.

Now to be fair, I'm really great at bringing the story characters to life; but I think it has something to do with his fascination with Peppa Pig. Either way, I am happy because he is happy. And I will make sure to be his guiding compass in life and will pour all my energy into making him smile.

It's All about Fathers

To me, being a father means shielding you from harm but also providing for your family. The Dads (and Moms of course) has the ability to carry over their knowledge to not only the sons but the daughters as well. We know that fathers tend to groom their sons as they have been groomed by their fathers; however the Dads in the world know that they also play a vital role in a little girl's life.

Kids perceive their dads as their own personal Super Hero because they know that dad will always save the day. Dads teach us valuable lessons and help us grow up to be as great as them and even greater. We celebrate fathers who go out of their way to do only the best for their families.

Let's celebrate our Fathers with a message of thanks and love this Father's Day. We love you and appreciate everything you do for us. Thank you for being an amazing father!

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