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Mother of two transforms her life and saves money with Amazing Vouchers

The Summary:

A 26 year old mother of two is now able to give herself and her family a better quality of life without breaking the bank. For R 99 a month she saves on family outings, date nights, dining at restaurants, clothes shopping, extra-murals for the kids and even gifts for her friends and family. Added to that she receives a free Legal Assistance service that offers her and her family peace of mind so they never have to stress about being stranded in a legal dilemma.

Here's what she had to share:

  • A variety of discounted hair offers have allowed me to save R300 - R500 on my monthly trips to the hairdresser. I also used these discounts to spoil my kids and friends
  • My daughters are still young so they love trying out new things - instead of enrolling them into extra murals I use my amazing vouchers, get my kids to try out different activities for free and then I sign them up for classes that really interest them. This has saved me so much money and has also allowed my kids the opportunity to try so many different fun activities, they absolutely love it.
  • Gifts usually cost me +- R300 - R400 and now I use a freebie or discount voucher, I gift these to my friends and voila gifts could cost me no more than R200. The great variety of vouchers available make it possible to get anybody an awesome gift - for less
  • My husband and I spend an average of R1000 per month on Date Night, our Date Nights now only cost us R600 because we use our amazing 2-for-1 offers to dine at some of the most exquisite restaurants in Cape Town.

The Problem:

A 26 year old Marketing Professional is a mother of two young daughters: spent many nights stressing about her daily budget. After all her expenses were paid she often felt that she did not have enough money left to entertain her family, friends or herself. 'I felt terrible because I was not able to really enjoy life with my family and friends because it was just too expensive.' Her kids want to take up new extra murals, they want to eat at different restaurants and she just really needed to visit the spa, however her financial constraints made it impossible. So with all of the financial stress the family limited their fun to once a month with the hope of saving money to do something extra special at the end of the year.

The Solution:

In May 2017 she received a call from an Amazing Vouchers consultant who explained the R99 AV Unlimited subscription. This subscription provides her with unlimited digital access to exclusive offers that come in the form of discounts, freebies, 2-for-1 deals and value adds. The thought of paying a reduced price for day-to-day activities persuaded her to sign up immediately and has been saving big ever since.

She now logs into her account daily and uses the search function to search for vouchers that tie into her daily life. She really does save daily - she saves on lunch, dinner, extra murals for the kids, Gym memberships and clothing purchases.

In the first month she paid a once off admin fee of R75 and a monthly membership fee of R99 and saved R900 that month. What an investment. The second and third month she realised that the more often she used her vouchers - the more money she saved. Why pay the full price for anything when you can spend less?

Results, Return on Investment and Future Plan

'I have managed to save approximately R1500 per month using my Amazing Vouchers plus I finally have the ability to spoil myself, family and friends without having to constantly watch my budget. My kids also love our AV membership because they now have opportunities to explore different places, activities and discover themselves. Our FREE peace of mind benefit called AV Legal also puts me at ease knowing that I have access to legal assistance in times of need. I am so glad I signed up with Amazing Vouchers and can truly say that I am now able to live, work, play - for less'.