How to Login

Log in to the website or mobile app with your membership number, mobile number or email address, and password. This would have been SMSed to you when you joined. You can download the mobile app from

How to update your details

Log in to the website or mobile app, click on ''Update your Profile''. This will allow you to update your personal information (name, mobile number, addresses), and change your password to something you will easily remember.

How to Find the Vouchers you want

We recommend making use of our personalisation feature. Log in to the website and select the lifestyle categories that interest you. Do this by clicking on the Preferences tab next to Categories. Some categories have sub categories that you may select individually. Remember to save your selection. When next you log in, you will be shown vouchers relevant to these categories. You may change and update your selection via the website at any time.

How to Find Vouchers near you

With our new geo-location feature, you are able to choose vouchers according to your current location and specify a work address, home address and play address to easily access vouchers by areas you frequent. Select Vouchers Near Me, and if you use our mobile app on a smartphone, ensure that GPS is enabled. Download our mobile app from

How to Select and Print your Vouchers on the website

Click on the ''Print'' button on the voucher that you would like to print. If you click on ''Add to Voucher Book'', the voucher will be placed into your voucher book - allowing you to print the voucher at a later stage. You are also able to email the voucher to yourself.

How to Download your Vouchers via the mobile app

Using your mobile phone, go to to download the mobile app. This allows you to download vouchers and redeem them on the go. If you use our mobile app on a smartphone, ensure that GPS is enabled and it will automatically show vouchers in your current vicinity. Simply select the voucher you want and click on Download. Show the voucher to the partner when you redeem the offering.

How to Contact Us

Call our Customer Service Department on 021 525 5300 and our friendly Customer Service staff will gladly assist you with any queries. You can also email us at