Frequently asked questions



I've joined Amazing Vouchers, but lost my login details.
No problem , remember your Username is your email address or mobile number. You can use the FORGOT PASSWORD service in order to start saving again. Still not able to login? Contact us at or call 021 525 5300 and we will gladly assist.


How do I find vouchers near me?
Great question, type in your location, you may be at home, work or on vacationing somewhere in South Africa, and vouchers near you will pop up. Our SHOP vouchers are national, so they will pop up. Just go to SHOP, select sub category, e.g. Food, and you can start saving.


What happens if I decide to cancel my account?
What a pity! We'd really like to keep you in the AV family, because we know how much real value there is in our incredible offers.
Are you leveraging all the opportunities to save, save, save? Have a look at our helpful HOW IT WORKS infographic to make sure.
If you would still like to cancel your subscription, that's absolutely fine too. Here's what to do, email your cancellation letter to us at and one of our customer service consultants will contact you to proceed with the cancellation process, or call us on 021 525 5300.


What is Legal Assist and how do I get actual help when I need it.
AV Legal Assist offers comprehensive legal help, including a 24-hour legal advice call line, assistance with legal documents, letters of demand, and lawyers who can refer specialists for more serious cases. Call 010 109 0414 or 087 135 1229 to use this service, but remember: it's only available to AV active members.


Tell me more about the SHOP category
More great savings and a broad range of vouchers that reward you with airtime. Simply click on SHOP, choose a category e.g. Food or Entertainment, add a voucher to the basket, follow the checkout process, once your OTP(one time pin) has been processed, you will receive you're airtime or data, as well as the digital code to be used when your paying at the partner.


How does this program work?
Sign up for one of our subscription packages and get 80% - 100% of your subscription back in airtime, every month, 3 banking days after your successful payment. Add discounted vouchers and purchase SHOP vouchers.
Check out airtime rewards on certain vouchers. You will receive an email and SMS with the voucher code to be used at the selected partners.


Do I need a new SIM card?
Yes, we will provide a SIM card for free that can be collected at any Clicks store in the country. All your airtime savings will be sent to this sim.


Can I port my existing number?
Yes, our team is available to assist you with porting your number between Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm. Porting usually takes one business day. Please call 087 357 7777 to request assistance with porting and we will gladly assist you. Exiting Cell C customers can dial 135, then choose option 3 and follow the prompts.


When do I get my airtime?
a. For your successful payment, within 3 banking days.
b. For your purchased vouchers, immediately after a successful OTP is processed.


What happens if I delay collecting my SIM?
No to worry, your collection code is valid for 3 months, we will bank your rewards until you collect your SIM card and send you all your banked airtime. If you did not manage to collect your SIM card within the 3 months, contact us on or call 021 525 5300 and we will reactivate your collection code. You will not lose any of your banked airtime.


I have a sim contract, should I still join?
Absolutely, you will have to honour your contract. The free SIM provided by us can be used in many ways.

a. You can make it your primary SIM , you will be receiving lots of free airtime. 50% of your airtime can be converted to data.
b. If you have a phone with a dual SIM, well no problem.
c. Use the SIM in a second phone or tablet, until your contract runs out.
d. Give your SIM to a family member, child in university, or your parent or grandparent or your helper. It does not matter.
e. Port your number when your contract ends.
f. Someone's contract at home will be ending soon.