Frequently asked questions



How do Amazing Vouchers deals work?
We've created a helpful HOW IT WORKS infographic for you. If you're still confused, one of our friendly customer service consultants will gladly help you. Call 021 525 5300 or email


I've joined Amazing Vouchers, but not received my login details.
Yikes. Sorry! Maybe there's a glitch in the matrix, because you should have received this on sign up. Please go to the website and click on FORGOT PASSWORD, so you receive your password via SMS or email. This will include an auto login link. If you don't come right, please contact AV on 021 525 5300 and we'll guide you telephonically.


I don't know how to log in to Amazing Vouchers.
No problem. Please check out our helpful HOW IT WORKS infographic here, and if you're still muddled, call AV on 021 525 5300 and we'll happily help you through it over the phone.


Why have I not received any vouchers?
The way AV works is, you don't have to wait to get vouchers from us. All you have to do is log in to your Amazing Vouchers account, to see what's on offer for you. Each special offer, freebie, cash value voucher, discount, or 2-for-1 deal is linked with a coupon code, which enables you to redeem the value of the deal. Keep the SMS, email or mobile app voucher handy (or print it out), and present it in-store. For a bit more clarity on the order of the steps, review our helpful HOW IT WORKS infographic.


I'm not happy with the vouchers available on the website.
At Amazing Vouchers, we're constantly sourcing new and exciting deals so that our members get real, usable, measurable value and can live, work and play - for less. Having said that, we value your feedback and recommendations, so please complete this short survey for us, and we'll get on it!

Tip: When on the AV website, explore all vouchers; don't just SEARCH. Because, with geolocation, the relevant vouchers for you (based on your profile) are in effect following you. The Near Me or Near Home functions also enable you to access vouchers in your current area. Or you can filter by Lifestyle Category and Voucher Type.


I never received a voucher to the value of R1000. But you said my monthly fee would pay itself.
How it works is: If you're an active Amazing Vouchers club member and you grab the different vouchers available for special offers, freebies, cash value vouchers, discounts, or 2-for-1 deals, you can save R150-R1000 per month, which more than pays for your monthly membership. (But there is, unfortunately, no actual once-off AV voucher to the value of R1000.)


Why are you debiting my account? I never agreed to become an Amazing Vouchers club member.
Oops. Really? AV would never debit you illegally, but it's possible that, when you provided your account details and agreed to our sales declaration, you didn't realise this was a debit order agreement with us. If this is the case, please call 021 525 5300 or email us on and we'll do our best to sort it all out for you.


I would like to cancel my membership.
What a pity! We'd really like to keep you in the AV club, because we know how much real value there is in our incredible offers on health and beauty, sport, eating at selected restaurants, family fun, and more. Are you leveraging all of the opportunities to save, save, save? Have a look at our helpful HOW IT WORKS infographic to make sure. But if you still want to cancel, that's absolutely fine too. Here's what to do: Email your cancellation letter to us: and one of our customer service consultants will make contact with you to proceed with the cancellation process, or call us on 021 525 5300.


I've cancelled my membership, but I'm still being debited.
Please contact us on 021 525 5300 and we will happily assist you with your account queries.


What does my R99 Unlimited AV Legal Assist Subscription entitle me to?
Your R99 subscription gives you unlimited access to all vouchers. That's right: ALL VOUCHERS.The vouchers include discounts, freebies, 2-for-1, cash value and value-added offers. There's no limit on how many vouchers you can grab. Plus, your R99 subscription includes our amazing free Legal Assist service.


What is Legal Assist and how do I get actual help when I need it.
AV Legal Assist offers comprehensive legal help, including a 24-hour legal advice call line, help with legal documents, letters of demand, and lawyers who can refer specialists for more serious cases. Call 087 135 1229 to use this service, but remember: it's only available to AV club members.


What does Amazing Call offer me?
Amazing Call gives you emergency assistance, peace of mind and value via a variety of services: Panic Alert, Home Drive, Roadside Assist, Accident Claim, Trip Monitor, Legal Assist, and unlimited vouchers. That's right: ALL VOUCHERS. UNLIMITED. Click here for more information.