Tritech Media

Amazing Vouchers is a proud member of the Tritech Media group.

Tritech Media is the first media technology group of its kind in South Africa and has rapidly grown to become one of South Africa's largest media groups by reach.

Traditional media delivers content to the consumer on a broadcast or non-customised basis providing consumers with limited personalised choice. Audience fragmentation, mainly caused by the plethora of new digital media, is also making traditional media increasingly ineffective for advertisers as a communications platform. Moreover, they do not have technology at their core.

The Tritech Media business model overcomes the shortcomings of traditional media as a media technology company by using its proprietary technology to deliver content that is customised across digital media.

The media technology business model establishes the most enduring relationship between content owner or issuer and content user.

Media technology is the future of media and Tritech Media is well positioned to participate and grow in this dynamic industry.

The technology-centric nature of the Tritech Media business model allows for the scaling of its capabilities internationally.